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How long will it take to bring a pool up to desired temperature? 
If sized in accordance with our charts, allow 5 nights on E7 at the beginning of the season (35 hours) 
My Heater is not working. Do I need a new one? 
Check which status lights are lit. Has the RCD or Circuit Breaker tripped? 
How long do elements last? 
Elements can last up to 5 years. In some cases a lot longer. 
What size heater do I need? 
Provide us with the surface area of your pool, together with water temperature required, whether solar cover is in use and whether the pool is indoor or outdoor and we will calculate the size for you. Alternatively use our ONLINE CALCULATOR to find the correct size heater for your pool. 
Why does the circuit breaker keep tripping? 
Possibly due to element failure, or the tripping of safety thermostat. Depending on the age the circuit breaker may be getting too old. 
If I turn the control stat up to maximum, will my pool heat up any quicker? 
No. There is no advantage in turning the control stat up any higher than the temperature you require to swim in. 
What size cable do I need? 
This will depend on the source of supply and the heater. Also whether the heater is single or 3 phase. Ring us for further details. 
How much will my heater cost to run per season? 
Based on the season being 22 weeks from early May to the end of September, for example a 12 x 24ft pool kept at 80F using a floating solar cover would cost in the region of £397.00 per season. For full details see our running costs page. 
What maintenance is required at the end of the season? 
None. All you need to do is drain down the heater and spray the contacts with WD40 or similar. 
Can I use the heater on my fish pond? 
No. We make a special heater for Fish Ponds containing no copper, using Incoloy elements, plastic drain valve, thus ensuring no contamination to your fish. 
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